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【3 步驟 ChatGPT提升托福閱讀理解(AI PART 2)】

Hello 大家好,我是Pin TOEFL 顧問Lucy!

As promised~ AI PART 2登場!

本篇我們針對托福閱讀的學術篇章下手,以效率為目標,善用科技的輔助,加強Reading comprehension!

很多時候,同學找我諮詢讀書計畫會很擔心口說寫作進度,但是在那之前我會先確認他們選擇題的科目狀況。因為我們目標是破百,所以Reading, Listening 一定得先穩住。實際上,刷題是有前提的,我們文章要先理解內容,才能建立速度,以及答題準確率。

但身為上班族或在校生的考生,可能沒那麼多時間準備單字整理或文章解析,情急之下,直接拿題目作為 “有沒有” 進步的標準了。希望這篇的練習方式以及讀書步驟可以幫助同學們更有安全感,紮實的累積閱讀實力。

範例: TPO 27段落

“Some of the earliest human civilizations arose in southern Mesopotamia, in what is now southern Iraq, in the fourth millennium B.C.E. In the second half of that millennium, in the south around the city of Uruk, there was an enormous escalation in the area occupied by permanent settlements. A large part of that increase took place in Uruk itself, which became a real urban center surrounded by a set of secondary settlements. While population estimates are notoriously unreliable, scholars assume that Uruk inhabitants were able to support themselves from the agricultural production of the fields surrounding the city, which could be reached with a daily commute. But Uruk's dominant size in the entire region, far surpassing that of other settlements, indicates that it was a regional center and a true city. Indeed, it was the first city in human history.”

讓ChatGPT幫你統整 “理解” 文章必背單字


(1) I am practicing my TOEFL reading comprehension skills, can you help me list 10 to 15 vocabularies I would need to understand the following passage: “複製段落”

(2) Can you give me the definitions, synonyms, and example sentences for these specific words.




銜接同一個ChatBoxCan you give me 1 sentence to summarize the information?

使用技巧:務必先自己做summarizing練習,再用ChatGPT當對照。同時,你也可以訓練自己做筆記縮寫訓練。For example: Urukà !! settlements, 1st city



Can you create three questions in TOEFL iBT style, for main idea, inference, and detail questions? No answers yet.

自己練習後,再問答案What are the answers? One sentence each please.

使用技巧:這是一個幫助同學不要被選擇題的誘答選項騙的練習。當你頭腦開始主動蒐集並整理閱讀篇章時,選擇題的答對率會提升,因為你的答案只會來自文章的內容。同時,第十題文章概論也會更有印象,不再腦袋空白---“What did I just read?”


如同所有的輔助工具,請同學們務必釐清自己使用的目的。若是沒有達到最終目標,寶貴的讀書時間與專注效率也會因此受影響。ChatGPT是一項前衛的科技,let’s use it to improve ourselves.

- Pin TOEFL Lucy

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