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Hi 大家好我是Lily GRE及Pin TOEFL的創辦人,Lily。

是目前市面上唯一GRE 335/GMAT 730/TOEFL115皆一戰高分且擁有豐富教學經驗的老師。畢業於HEC Paris-Yale雙管碩士(雙獎學金)。

不少學生準備完GMAT, GRE後,接下來面臨的難關是TOEFL 的口說寫作。我自己的GMAT GRE學生是在第一階段跟我討論準備計畫時,我就會順便安排TOEFL口說練習。除了流暢度練習外,學生在GMAT, GRE學習到的東西其實也可以有系統的應用在TOEFL寫作,提高對於巨型的變化及單字的運用。

因此,以下幾種方法,希望能幫助到考GMAT, GRE, TOEFL的考生。下一篇我再寫GRE應用在TOEFL的方式!

GMAT Sentence Correction考的正是『文法及語意表達的精確性』!因此對於托福寫作來說,以下幾種方式可以實際運用。

I. 一個句子裡盡量不要加入太多插入句,否則會讓人在閱讀上產生不夠直接清楚的感覺。

  1. Eg. (X) The meeting, which was scheduled for next week, had to be postponed due to the sudden, unexpected, and unavoidable technical, logistical, and personnel issues that arose, causing inconvenience to all the participants, including the senior executives, managers, and team leaders.

  2. Eg. (O) The meeting scheduled for next week had to be postponed due to sudden, unavoidable technical issues, inconveniencing all participants, including senior executives and managers.

II. 寫作時仔細檢查特定用法的『平行』。

  1. Eg. (X) Employees desire not only feel achievement but also respect from the firm.

  2. Eg. (O)Employees desire not only a sense of achievement but also respect from the firm. 名詞型態平行。

III. 利用正確連接詞,及習慣連接詞之間的轉換及改寫。

  1. 原句:Although companies may spend more money in the short term, they can reap long-term benefits as top-performing employees will be less likely to leave the firm.

  2. 改寫:Despite the potential for increased short-term expenditures, companies can enjoy lasting advantages, as highly skilled employees are less inclined to depart from the organization.

IV. 句型變化不用『多』但是要用就要用『對』。因此可以選定幾個熟悉,反覆使用,提升掌握度。

  1. Eg. 分詞構句:Students might get distracted during class, resulting in low academic performance.

  2. Eg. 關代:The company has adopted a new strategy, which aims to streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency.

  3. Eg. 倒裝句:Not only did she excel in her academic studies, but she also actively participated in various extracurricular activities.



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