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【口說】12個常用IDIOMS (一)



Idioms to do with habits:



Example without the usage:

My evening routine never changes, every night is the same thing over and over again.

Example with usage:

I am a creature of habit, especially when it comes to my evening routine.


把壞習慣改掉 / 戒掉

Example without the usage:

My think my dad should stop smoking because it could lead to serious diseases.

Example with usage:

Smoking can lead to cancerous diseases, so I’m trying to get my dad to break this habit.

I think my dad should break the habit of smoking, because it does more harm than good.



Example without the usage:

I have been going to bed at ungodly hours ever since college, it is hard for me to just change this habit.

Example with usage:

It is extremely hard for me to keep good hours, after all, old habits die hard.


Idioms about somebody’s character and personality

4. A people person


Example without the usage:

Ben is very good at making friends, he is outgoing and easy to talk to.

Example with usage:

Ben is a people person, he can hit it off with anyone he meets.

5. Nerd


Example without the usage:

I used to be obsessed with astrology in high school, a few of my friends and I even started an afterschool club together.

Example with usage:

My friends and I were a bunch of nerdy kids, we even started an afterschool astrology club! But those were the best days.

6. Down-to-earth


Example without the usage:

Even though my best friend and I come from different backgrounds, she never makes me feel beneath her or anything less than.

Example with usage:

Unlike the other rich kids in school, my best friend is down to earth and kind, treating others as equals with respect.

7. Early bird


Example without the usage:

My mom usually starts her day at the crack of dawn and I’m always envious of how much time she has in the morning.

Example with usage:

I wish I were an early bird, this way, I wouldn’t have to rush all the time.

8. Full of oneself


Example without the usage:

I can never stand those people who won’t stop talking about themselves in a conversation.

Example with usage:

I hate talking to people who are full of themselves, those conversations are absolutely mind-numbing.


Idioms to do with one's mood:

9. On cloud nine


Example without the usage:

She was extremely happy to learn that she got into her dream school.

Example with usage:

When she got the acceptance letter from her dream school, she was on cloud nine.

10. Spaced out / Zoned out


Example without the usage:

I used to get scolded by my teachers for not paying attention in class.

Example with usage:

Whenever I zoned out in class, my teachers would always scold me and call me out.

11. Fed up


Example without the usage:

One time I got mad at my sister for her attitude, I have just had enough of her treating me unkindly.

Example with usage:

One time I got mad at my sister because I was fed up with her passive aggressive attitude.

12. Under the weather


Example without the usage:

I left work early because I felt like I was about to catch a cold.

Example with usage:

I took a leave from work because I was feeling under the weather.



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