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大家好,我是Pin TOEFL Lucy

我們Pin TOEFL同學回饋最實用的服務,莫過於衝刺班結束後無限次的口說寫作顧問回饋。過去幾周連續幫這期要考試的學生批改文章,(thankfully) 流暢度都有很明顯的提升。模板運用正確,文章比例ok,文法也更謹慎了 (以上是練習久了寫作文章的基本要求,若是對托福考試不熟悉歡迎參考本篇文章)。

然而這周的TPO 11 - Task 1 作文,我發現大家都犯了一個共通的失誤,因此決定發文提醒,也順便跟其他正在準備托福寫作的考生分享~~

考生注意:Body Paragraph第一句,Reading重點務必抓對資訊!

Example (本週練習文章) TPO 11 - Task 1:


TPO 11 Reading Paragraph 3 [第二論點]

Unfortunately, missing out on the benefits of literature is not the only problem. What are people reading instead? Consider the prevalence of self-help books on lists of best sellers. These are usually superficial, poorly written, and intellectually undemanding. Additionally, instead of sitting down with a challenging novel, many persons are now more likely to turn on the television, watch a music video, or read a Web page. Clearly, diverting time previously spent in reading literature to trivial forms of entertainment has lowered the level of culture in general.

因為大家習慣Reading主題句會出現在第一二句,所以很多同學把作文第一句寫成關於people become more superficial is they don’t read literature. 或是reading books that are not literature is undemanding.


TPO 11 Listening script Paragraph 3

But let's say that people aren't just spending less time with literature, they're also spending less time with books in general. Does that mean that the culture is in decline? No. There's plenty of culturally valuable material that isn't written: music and movies, for example. Are people wasting their time when they listen to a brilliant song or watch a good movie? Do these non-literary activities lower cultural standards? Of course not. Culture has changed. In today's culture there are many forms of expression available other than novels and poems, and some of these creative forms speak more directly to contemporary concerns than literature does.


主題句正確修改:The author states that the level of culture has declined in general because people are not reading literature as much.

**另外一個Reading文章的提示,作者於第一段的最後一句已聲明接下來的三論點:This is troubling because the trend has unfortunate effects for the reading public, for culture in general, and for the future of literature itself.

以上,是本周寫作大家都有犯的錯誤,考前練習以及實際考試請多加留意!注意閱讀聽力的main idea,這樣整合寫作才會是一篇清楚又邏輯順暢的文章。

- Pin TOEFL Lucy

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